Lex Gaines

Lex Gaines was raised in Marlton, NJ and moved to Atlanta, Ga in her early teen years. Upon graduating high school, she was accepted to Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in architecture. Her freshman year she switched her major to Graphic Design after completing multiple internships with a major graphic design company in Washington D.C. When she took a required photography class, she "fell in love!". Since then she has graduated from SCAD, moving on to become Studio Manager for entertainment photographer Allen Cooley.

These days your image is the equivalent to your brand. Having an amazing headshot both shows your commitment to your reputation and is an opportunity to stand out. Lex Gaines is dedicated to providing you with an image that will show the world your professionalism at first glance! Located in Atlanta, Lex takes advantage of your surroundings, often able to create your new look with just a few minutes on your time. During the editing process, we can eliminate any small quirks you'd prefer not to be displayed, while highlighting your best features! Don’t be camera shy. 




"I love to take photos of people. Although sometimes socially awkward, I believe that the chemistry of a camera and people, their bodies, their smiles, creates something magical."

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